The Climate Week Energy Switch

Switch your Energy to Ecotricity

One of the most effective ways to tackle climate change is by switching your energy to a green energy supplier.

Green energy is electricity and gas that has been made from renewable sources – these sources can all be found in the UK, helping us to become energy independent and reducing the need to import traditional forms of energy (primarily fossil fuels) from abroad.

With Ecotricity’s unique approach, ‘turning bills into mills’, the more people that join them, the more sources of green energy they can build – that’s real People:Power.

Switching is easy, and Ecotricity price matches the standard tariff of your regional energy supplier. Visit to find out more, or click here to make the switch today. Be sure to quote the code CWKT when signing up with Ecotricity.

For every household that switches, Ecotricity gives up to £50 to the Climate Week campaign.