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Over 200,000 people in schools and workplaces take part each year in the Climate Week Challenge, Britain’s biggest environmental competition. Register in just two minutes by clicking here.

The Climate Week Challenge is an
exciting activity for teams of four to six
people of any age. It helps develop
creativity, innovation and enterprise, team-working skills and experience of tackling
real-life environmental issues to a

There are two versions of the Climate Week Challenge to choose from – one-hour and one-day. The one-day version is judged nationally.

  • It is completely FREE.
  • Any school or organisation can take part.
  • It can be done on ANY DAY of Climate Week.
  • Any number of teams can be entered.
  • No preparation is needed.
  • All that a team needs is a table to work at with pens and paper.

  • There are seven age categories, with different levels of sophistication expected, but everyone – from primary pupils to senior managers – is given the same core task. For preschool children there is a picture competition.

    What happened in previous years

    In 2011 the challenge was to develop a green idea that would make or save money. In 2012 it was to make the space around you better for the environment. In 2013 it was to design the ultimate eco-home. Some of the finalists were:

    • Pupils aged 7 to 11 at All Hallows School in Somerset invented a board game, Greenopoly, which showed how you can go green and make money.

    • Pupils aged 9 to 12 at Carrickfergus Model Primary School in County Antrim created a proposal to turn a local area of waste ground into a sustainable caravan park.

    • Pupils aged 11-14 at Pool Business and Enterprise College in Cornwall invented The Fidget, a gadget that converts the energy of fidgeting children into electricity. Climate Week funded the all-girl team to spend time in a professional laboratory, where they made a working prototype that charges a mobile phone.

    • 16-18 year olds at Prince Henry’s Grammar School, Otley in West Yorskshire designed a supermarket fridge powered by the movement of the fridge door and energy from nearby sound levels. Climate Week arranged a workshop run by retail professionals to help the students develop their idea.

    • Staff at the Intellectual Property Office in Newport, Wales came up with an idea to convert ugly multi-story car parks into havens for wildlife, where cars would be parked amongst the vegetation and animals.

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