Eat Low Carbon this Climate Week


This Climate Week we are encouraging everyone to help take action on climate change by looking at the food they eat. Food makes up about a fifth of the average person’s carbon footprint, and changing what we eat can really help to reduce emissions.

You can take still part in Climate Week Cuisine just by eating a low carbon meal by Sunday 18 March. It could be a Friday night dinner, a Saturday breakfast, or a Sunday lunch. Make your meal low carbon by following one or more of the following easy guidelines:

  • Eating less meat or dairy
  • Selecting local, seasonal ingredients
  • Using up leftovers

If you want to find out more about the carbon embodied in your food you can check out the Carbon Trust’s latest article put up especially in support of Climate Week Cuisine:

You can find loads of recipes from celebrity chefs on the Climate Week Cuisine and Tesco Real Food pages.

Whatever you eat, please tell people you are participating and help to create a movement for change, by taking one minute to register your meal.